Which Lactase Pill Should I Take? Lactaid vs LactoJoy

Which Lactase Pill Should I Take? Lactaid vs LactoJoy

Instead of avoiding dairy products if you are lactose intolerant, simply pop a tablet and enjoy.

There are a variety of lactase pills on the market that allow consumers to enjoy dairy products without worry by supplying the body with the missing enzyme lactase. This is what the body needs to break down lactose, or milk sugar.

But what are the differences between the various tablets and brands? And which one should you choose?

Let's compare Lactaid and LactoJoy

Probably the best-known brand is—of course, next to LactoJoy 😉Lactaid. Therefore, we want to take a closer look at the two tablets of the two brands now:

  LactoJoy Lactaid Original
Activity 14,500 FCC-units lactase per capsule*  3,000 FCC-units lactase per capsule*
Dosage One capsule before each lactose-containing meal.
The number can be increased or decreased thanks to the breaking edge, depending on the lactose content of the meal and your degree of lactose intolerance.
Three capsules before / with each meal containing lactose. If the meal lasts more than 30-45 minutes, you need to take another three capsules.
Intake The tablet can be both swallowed and chewed. The original must be swallowed, but there are also chewable tablets.
Purchase options Online  Walmart, Wegmans, Stop & Shop etc.
Costs $17.99 for 45 capsules (equivalent to approx. 45 applications) $15,54-$18,99 for 120 capsules (equivalent to approx. 40 applications)
Packing Refillable metal package in elegant design Classic carton packaging with plastic blisters
Free samples yes no
Ingredients maltodextrin, lactase, organic potato starch; release agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids sodium, lactase enzyme, mannitol, cellulose, sodium citrate, magnesium stearate


Choose Your Lactase Pill

So in a direct comparison of the two brands, LactoJoy offers many advantages:

  1. LactoJoy consists only of plant-based ingredients and is free of unnecessary additives.
  2. In addition, thanks to the high dosage of active ingredients, just one tablet reliably helps against digestive problems when consuming dairy products.
  3. And best of all: Thanks to the practical metal packaging, you can take your Lactase pills to every business lunch or café date without worrying.

I hope that I could help you a little bit with your decision with this small comparison.

Lisa from LactoJoy


*What Does FCC-units Lactase Per Pill Mean?

FCC (Food Chemical Codex) describes the enzyme activity of lactase. The higher the FCC-unit, the more highly dosed the lactase is. To break down 1 g of milk sugar, the body needs about 1.000 FCC units of lactase. About 6.000 to 10.000 FCC-units would be appropriate for one glass of milk (0.2 l) for example.



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